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Kyumin - Ashes

Title: Ashes
Pairing: Kyumin, ninja Yewook
Disclaimer: Only the plot and idea are mine.
Summary: A continuation of the Ashes drabble from my 10 Kyumin Drabbles. Kyuhyun is a faerie and sees a mysterious sprite dancing. He resolves to find out who it is.



Kyuhyun had been cleaning his wings when Eeteuk appeared with his overlarge oak staff and had tapped him on the head.


“What?” Kyuhyun asked, rubbing the sore spot.


“I want you to go with Jongwoon to guard the violets until Hankyung gets there. If I send Ryeowook with him the violets won’t be guarded at all,” Eeteuk rolled his eyes.


“So why me? Why not Heechul?” Kyuhyun whined. He had better things to do than guard the violet patches which were plentiful.


“I want Jongwoon alive. He’s the only one who can persuade Ryeowook to go to DarkWood in order to get more redberries. Ryeowook is the only who can pick them because he’s a Redberry Faerie and we’re short of those right now. They’re currently creating another bush in our extended territory and we need one close to home. Besides, a Lavender Faerie will keep him in check,” Eeteuk explained.


“I thought the Rising Faeries held the territory beyond ours and that we had no extended space,” Kyuhyun said.


“Jaejoong agreed to giving us a little more,” Eeteuk smiled. “Rose Faeries are gentle that way.”


“He’s a Rose Faerie? Those are rare,” Kyuhyun commented.


“I know. Anyways, please go? I’ve already sent Jongwoon there,” Eeteuk tapped Kyuhyun once more before flying away. The faerie frowned before standing up and spreading his wings. He took off and flew to the violet patches.


Kyuhyun flitted through the air, landing lightly on a leaf. His wings folded and he stood there, folding his arms impatiently. Eeteuk had sent Jongwoon ahead and he wasn’t even here yet. Why was it that Jongwoon was always late for duties? Kyuhyun tapped his bare foot in annoyance.


The violet bushes were doing just fine without guardians at the moment and since it was late spring, most humans had already had their fill of picking early flowers. Still, it didn’t mean that Jongwoon could be late.


Bored, Kyuhyun looked around for something to do. He decided to entertain himself with the leaves of the violet flowers. He was swaying on the leaf, counting the veins when he heard the sound. A soft voice, singing something in the bushes beyond. Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes and twitched his pointed ears to hear better.


“Ashes, take me back to earth. Water, quench my human thirst.”


The voice was so calm and soothing that Kyuhyun nearly slipped off his leaf. He stood up and flew closer to the noise. He peered through the stalks of the flowers and worked hard to hide a gasp.


A water sprite was there, dancing on a puddle that had formed in the last rainstorm. His pale skin glinted as he moved, making no ripple on the water. Droplets flew about him, framing his slim but toned torso. Kyuhyun’s wings fluttered sporadically as he watched the display. There was something sensual about the dance of the water sprite.


He couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful dance of the sprite. It had been a long time since he had seen something of this calibre. Water sprites were usually known for being mischievous and not for the art of dance. The water sprite’s long fingers stroked the air and the water droplets twirled and spun about him.


Kyuhyun knew he shouldn’t be watching this. It was a private dance, meant for nobody else to see but he couldn’t help but be pleased that he had seen it. He was about to leave when the stalk he was leaning on blew in a gust of wind and he tumbled out of his hiding place and right in front of the sprite. The male gasped and whirled around, the water drops following him as he did so. They hovered in the air before splashing down to earth.


“Wait! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!” Kyuhyun called out. “I’m Kyuhyun, Keeper of the Lavenders. Who are you?”


The sprite didn’t answer. He disappeared and droplets of liquid splashed into the puddle. But as they did so, Kyuhyun was positive that he heard the words, “I’m Sungmin, Warden of the Water.”




“Have you heard of a sprite called Sungmin? He’s a Warden,” Kyuhyun asked Shindong. The Dew Nymph thought a moment before shaking his head.


“No, sorry. I’ve never heard of a sprite called Sungmin that’s a Warden. Sprites are mostly Protectors. They are good at confusing enemies and tricking them into leaving. They’re Sprites after all,” Shindong chuckled.


“Do you know anybody who would know?”


Shindong frowned in thought, “You can try Eeteuk.”


“Thanks, Shindong! I’ll bring an acorn for you tomorrow.”


Kyuhyun found Eeteuk the next day, helping Ryeowook squeeze nectar out of a flower for Jongwoon who had managed to get sick after eating a poppy seed.


“Hey, hyung, do you know of a sprite called Sungmin?” Kyuhyun asked Eeteuk.


“A sprite called Sungmin? The name doesn’t ring a bell. What is he?”


“He’s a Warden,” Kyuhyun answered. Eeteuk thought as he bottled the nectar. He passed the vial to Ryeowook and looked at the sky thoughtfully.


“No, I don’t think I know him. Ryeowook, do you know?”


“Unfortunately not. The only one I can think of who would really know these things is Jiyong, Elf of Knowledge. His home is in the roots of the bamboo tree that grows next to Jaejoong’s rosebush. He knows everything about our forest from who controls what territory to what I ate for breakfast yesterday,” Ryeowook informed Kyuhyun importantly.


“So he would be able to help me?”


“Yeah, he’s a book of knowledge,” Ryeowook shook the vial of flower nectar and put it in a pouch he was carrying. “I should get back to Jongwoon. That faerie has probably escaped and is now riding around on his butterfly. Whenever he’s sick he wants to go outside and whenever he’s healthy he wants to stay in!” Ryeowook smiled in affection.


“Good luck,” Kyuhyun grinned.




As the sun rose the next day, Kyuhyun made his way to the bamboo tree. It was an old tree and Kyuhyun wondered if Jiyong had thought to get a Bamboo Faerie out to care for the tree. He didn’t question it though.


Instead, he landed at the roots of the tree and looked around. He could just make out the door that had leaves covering it. He was just about to go and knock on it when something crashed into him.


“Who the hell are you? Never mind, quick, pick up those strawberries! That juice is important and I spent fifteen minutes picking perfect ones!”


An elf with bright pink petals sewn all over his moss jacket strode past him, carrying an armful of mint leaves and blueberries. Kyuhyun fetched the fruits that had fallen and followed the elf into the house.


“Are you Jiyong. Elf of Knowledge?” Kyuhyun asked.


“That would be me. What is it that you seek?”


“A sprite named Sungmin.”


“There are no sprites named Sungmin,” Jiyong informed him bluntly, putting away his fruits as he talked.


“No, there has to be a sprite named Sungmin. He’s a Warden,” Kyuhyun explained. He wondered why this elf was the Elf of Knowledge when it appeared he didn’t know everything. Jiyong thought another moment.


“Nope, sorry. Are you sure he’s a Warden?” Jiyong asked, mashing two strawberries with a small hammer.


“Yes, he’s the Warden of the Water,” Kyuhyun informed the elf. Jiyong stopped bashing the two berries and eyed Kyuhyun in annoyance.


“You should have mentioned that earlier! You’re looking for Sungmin!” Jiyong exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. Kyuhyun fought the urge to facepalm.


“Yes, I’m looking for Sungmin.”


“He’s not a sprite. He’s the Water Faerie. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Water Faerie. Why are you looking for him?” Jiyong wanted to know.


“I saw him while guarding the violets and I’ve wanted to know who he was.”


“That’s different. Most people who ask for Sungmin want to be healed.”


“Do you know where I can find him?” Kyuhyun asked.




“There’s a Lavender Faerie looking for you,” Eunhyuk announced as he flew into Sungmin’s home. The Water Faerie looked up. He had been peering into a collection of water on a leaf, seeing how the polluted waters of the southern stream were faring.


“What’s his name?” Sungmin asked absently as he dropped a few beads of lemon water onto the leaf. He watched as the image changed to the stream of the west.


“Kyuhyun; apparently he’s a Lavender Faerie. Sungmin looked up sharply. Could it be the same one who had startled him while dancing a few days back?


“He’s looking for me?” Sungmin bit his lip. Eunhyuk nodded. “Show him in.”


Sungmin put away his looking leaf and picked up his Water Sphere. If the faerie was looking for him, he probably needed healing.


“I’ve been looking for you for ages,” a voice said. Sungmin looked up to see a very handsome faerie leaning against the doorway of his home. It was the same one.


“Ages? You could have just asked for me. I told that I was the Warden of the Water. Everybody knows who I am,” Sungmin replied.


“Not me, apparently. I didn’t know we had a Water Faerie. I thought you were a sprite.”


“A sprite? I’m as mischievous as one,” Sungmin grinned.




From then on, Kyuhyun was often found at Sungmin’s den near the pond. Anyone who came for healing met Kyuhyun who spent most of his time there. In fact, the only time Kyuhyun had missed going to Sungmin’s house was when it had rained and he had been confined to his flower the whole day.


“You spend an awful lot of time here, Kyuhyun. Don’t you have to guard your lavender?” Sungmin asked.


“I do that at night. Kibum does that for me during the day,” Kyuhyun explained. “And besides, I like being here with you.”


A Water and Lavender Faerie made an unlikely pair. Yet they were never seen without the other. Faerie folk couldn’t remember the last time they had seen the two apart. Kyuhyun didn’t remember what he did without Sungmin either.


“Hey, Minnie, why don’t you have a Companion?” Kyuhyun poked the Water Faerie playfully.


“I haven’t found anyone yet that suits me. When I do, I’ll let you know. Do you have one?”


“No, I don’t. I’ve never really thought about it,” Kyuhyun confessed. Sungmin smiled at him, a cute and beautiful smile that made him warm all over.


“When you do, tell me all about her.”


The two faeries were inseparable. Whenever Sungmin had to travel, Kyuhyun would follow and vice versa. All the magical ones, Nymph, Faerie and Elf suspected them of Companionship. It was only natural after spending so much time together.


“I told you before, we’re not Companions,” Sungmin told Eeteuk for the billionth time. He was ready to throw a Water Sphere at the Oak Faerie. Eeteuk laughed and tapped Sungmin with his oak staff.


“Sure you aren’t.”


“No, I mean it, we aren’t!”


Eeteuk regarded him for a moment. “Do you want to be?”


“I…I…” Sungmin scrambled for an answer. “I want you to go away.”


Despite everyone asking if they were together, the two remained a pair. It was painfully obvious to all magical folk that they should become Companions.


“Will you dance for me?” Kyuhyun asked one day. Sungmin looked at him in surprise. Kyuhyun hadn’t mentioned dancing at all. Sungmin knew he had already seen him dance but he wondered why he wanted to again.




“Because you look beautiful when doing so. If you do, I’ll give you a present.”


So Sungmin danced for him. He turned the muddy water of a puddle into pure water of a spring. It wasn’t a complicated dance but it was intricate enough to keep him focused on his task. His main purpose was to please Kyuhyun but helping the environment at the same time wasn’t a bad thing.”


“Did you like it?” Sungmin asked. Kyuhyun nodded.


“Min, can I tell you something?”


“You can tell me anything,” Sungmin smiled.


“I want you to be my Companion.” Kyuhyun’s face turned a bright red and he looked away. Sungmin was shocked for a minute, then he put his hand out and held Kyuhyun tightly.


“I accept your offer of Companionship.”


Their ceremony was quiet but not unexpected. Most of the faeries were disheartened to learn that they were not Companions already. Jiyong and Eeteuk shook hands behind a holly bush and exchanged giggles of delight. So what if they had helped the relationship along? It was bound to have happened. They just needed a little push.




There we go, Ashes done! I really enjoyed that piece. It was fun. I like the Faerie world. I might come back to it. Anyways, thank you for reading. I’ve realized just how lame I am. In the last hour, I downloaded the theme songs from Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Beyblade and Inuyasha. I have nothing better to do with life. Thanks for reading! o(^^)o


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