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Eunhae - What The Hell Just Happened? - 1/?

Title: What the Hell Just Happened?
Pairing: Eunhae
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them. But I don't.
Summary: Eunhyuk stays out late for a night of drinking and ends up unconscious. But when he wakes up, the world isn't the same as it was. He's got a new ability and whether it's for better or for worse is yet to be determined. Will Eunhyuk be able to cope with this ability? And will he be able to use it to his advantage?


You Can Read My Mind?!


Chapter One: A Completely Normal Day?

It had been a completely normal day in the life of Super Junior. They had had a show to perform and they had carried it off without a hitch. At the moment, they were currently partying in the upper dorm.


Eunhyuk had long since lost count of what he had been drinking and he later complained that it was here when all the trouble started. For as he had made his way to his room –or someone’s room– in a drunken stupor, he had tripped over his own feet and crashed into the wall, effectively knocking himself out.


When he woke up the next morning, the first thing he noticed was that he had one hell of a hangover. He wondered whether elephants had trod all over him when he was asleep. The next thing he noticed was that he was in Donghae’s bed.


That wouldn’t have been a problem except that he lived on the eleventh floor and Donghae was on the twelfth with all the other noisy members. He wondered if anybody had noticed his absence in the lower dorm.


“Oh, he’s awake. Maybe I should tell him that I found him passed out in the hallway in front of the elevator last night? No, I’ll let him relax. He’ll be so embarrassed when he finds out.”


“Wha-what?” Eunhyuk asked groggily.


“I didn’t say anything,” the voice of Donghae sounded too loud.


“You didn’t? But I heard someone saying something,” Eunhyuk said, pushing himself up into a sitting position.


“It wasn’t me,” Donghae shrugged. “Heechul is yelling pretty loudly. Maybe it was him?”


Eunhyuk didn’t contest this fact. His head was pounding way too much to bother arguing with his friend about this.


“Do you have aspirin?” Eunhyuk massaged his head. Donghae nodded and trotted off, returning with a small orange bottle. Eunhyuk downed two of the pills and immediately felt better.


“Are you okay?” Donghae asked tentatively. Eunhyuk nodded and sat there for a moment. “Well good! Eeteuk asked Hankyung to make breakfast so it’s on the table. Come when you feel like it!”


“I really don’t want to leave him alone. If he doesn’t come in five minutes, I’ll get him.”


“Did you say something?” Eunhyuk asked. But Donghae had already left. Eunhyuk furrowed his brow in confusion. What was going on? He was hearing voices that didn’t exist.


“Woah, he looks like shit. What on earth did he drink last night? Whatever it was, I want some next time we go drinking. When you look that bad when you wake up, you’ve had a good night.”


“YAH! EUNHYUK! Get your ass off the bed and go eat!”


“Heechul, what the hell are you doing in Donghae’s room?”


“Don’t disrespect me, my dear dongsaeng. I’m here to get the sheets for cleaning. Leader-sshi is making me do the bed laundry today. We’re all hungover so you’re no different. Get up!” Heechul screeched, effectively decreasing Eunhyuk’s hearing.


The monkey looked up at the impatient man standing at the foot of the bed. To his utter shock, he saw words scribbling themselves above the effeminate man’s head.


“If he doesn’t move his ass in ten seconds, I will put itching powder in all of his boxers.”


“Okay! Okay! I’m going!” Eunhyuk exclaimed, quickly jumping off the bed. As he walked out of the room, staggering slightly, he turned to take one last glimpse of Heechul. The words were still over his head.


“Why do my dongsaengs never listen to me? Here I am washing their bedclothes and they don’t even say thank you.”


“Heechul-hyung?” Eunhyuk ventured.




“Thank you for cleaning the beds.” With that, Eunhyuk left the room to get breakfast. It became apparent after walking into the room that the ability to see words over Heechul’s head wasn’t restricted to just the second oldest member. There were words above everybody’s head.


“Jesus Christ, why is everyone so loud? Can’t a guy eat his food in peace?” The words above Shindong’s head scrolled out madly. Eunhyuk suddenly was overwhelmed by a barrage of noise that burst into his subconscious.


“Hyukkie? Why is he here? Is his sick or injured? I should help him.”


“Why is Hyukjae here? Did he hear that I was making fried rice?”


“Aish, everyone is so disrespecting of me. I told them that I wanted the first plate of Geng’s rice.”


“Omo, there’s Hyukkie! I wondered where he had gone!”


“I’m going downstairs. I need to shower,” Eunhyuk gestured wildly, trying to get out before the sounds overwhelmed him.


When he went down to the lower dorm for some peace and quiet, he got what he wanted. In the lower dorm, their thoughts weren’t as loud as those upstairs. For once, Eunhyuk was grateful all the loud members had their own dorm.


“Two eggs and a cup of rice. Now we add the butter and stir thoroughly. Sungmin’s already finished his part of the breakfast…he’s fast…” Ryeowook’s thoughts were as quiet as he was and it took Eunhyuk a moment to realize that it was him. He moved past the kitchen and into the living room.


“Wookie looks adorable when he’s cooking. I wish I could cook. Then I could spend more time with him.”


“But you spend so much time with him already!” Eunhyuk blurted out, forgetting that nobody else could see what he could. His hyung looked at him suspiciously.


“Was I thinking out loud?” Yesung asked, a mildly mortified expression coming out on his face.


“You could say that,” Eunhyuk mused. Yesung turned red for a moment before looking away.


“Just don’t tell him, okay?” Yesung mumbled before turning on the television. Eunhyuk stared at Yesung.


To his utter astonishment, Yesung’s mind was divided in two. One half was constantly picturing Ryeowook and the other dealt with everything else that needed to be done. It was fascinating watching pictures scroll above Yesung’s head. No wonder he acted fail almost all the time. His subconscious was focused on Ryeowook.


“What are you looking at? I don’t have anything on my face, do I?” Yesung asked, immediately touching his skin. Eunhyuk shook his head and walked into his room.


What’s going on with me? Why can I see and hear what everyone is thinking? Is this normal? Am I sick? What’s happening here?!


Eunhyuk inspected his body as if he would discover another eye or arm that allowed him to see and hear the thoughts of others. When he couldn’t find anything, his mind went blank. How could this have happened to him? All he wanted was to be a good dancer and have enough fans to brag about. He never wanted this ability.


He frowned in thought. What was he supposed to do? How was he supposed to make this go away? This was insane! Things like this didn’t happen. This was something out of a story or a bad movie. So why was it happening in real life? Eunhyuk closed his eyes and let out a long breath.


He was still dreaming. Yes, that was it. He hadn’t woken up properly yet. He was still sound asleep somewhere. Immediately, he pinched himself, hoping that he would wake up.




His arm hurt from the pinch but he hadn’t changed. He pinched himself again, trying to make himself wake up. It still didn’t work. Maybe I am awake? Eunhyuk wondered. He poked his head out of his door and looked around. There was nobody in the hallway. Very calmly and collectedly, he knocked his head against the doorframe. It hurt like hell.


“Okay, I guess I am awake. I’m awake and I can hear thoughts and read minds. The sun is shining and it’s a perfectly normal day. Yes, today is normal,” Eunhyuk mumbled to himself.


“Eunhyuk! Have you eaten breakfast?” Sungmin asked, appearing like magic in front of him. Eunhyuk turned to look at him, forgetting that he could see and hear his thoughts. What he saw surprised him.


Sungmin’s head wasn’t filled with just pink and bunnies like he had previously thought. He was also filled with a desire to care for the members and keep them healthy and happy, just like a leader. His concern extended to every member, even those he wasn’t as close with. This made Eunhyuk feel warm inside.


“No, not yet. Is everyone else awake? You may want to get Kyuhyun to eat before he gets on his computer or he’ll never get away,” Eunhyuk said. The change that happened in front of his eyes was immense.


Outwardly, Sungmin didn’t change at all. But his mind now flourished with thoughts of Kyuhyun and his perfection, his kindness and the intimate moments that Sungmin wished meant something. Eunhyuk looked away, feeling as though he had witnessed something private.


“I’ll go check now. If you want some more to eat, Ryeowook and I cooked a lot,” Sungmin said amiably before leaving. Eunhyuk admired his control. He walked out of his room and went into the kitchen. He sat down and watched as Ryeowook observed Yesung from his spot by the stove.


“He takes such care to taste everything that I make. He cares about everything I or the other members do. I wish they could see that he isn’t as fail as he looks. That’s why I love him. I know a side not many do.” Ryeowook’s thoughts appeared above his head, followed by an image of a smiling Yesung.


Eunhyuk bit back the urge to coo over the cuteness of the eternal magnae. Yesung was completely oblivious to Ryeowook’s gaze but his thoughts were partially on him the entire time he was eating.


“What’s for breakfast?” Kyuhyun asked, walking into the room half asleep. Eunhyuk didn’t need to read his thoughts to know that he had just woken up.


“Food,” Eunhyuk answered. Kyuhyun made a face and sat down. Sungmin put a plate of food in front of him and the magnae dug in.


“I think I should take Ryeowook out for dinner tonight. It will be an early Valentine’s Day gift. We’re both busy on that day anyways…I wonder what a good restaurant is?” Yesung’s thoughts caught Eunhyuk’s attention.


“You know,” Eunhyuk began, “there’s this really good restaurant downtown. I think it’s a Japanese themed place. Sushi and stuff like that. Are you interested?”


“Hyung, it’s breakfast. Why would we be thinking about dinner?” Kyuhyun asked. “Silly monkey.” His thoughts said. Eunhyuk resisted the urge to hit him.


“I think I’ll stay home tonight. I have a very busy day,” Sungmin said apologetically. Eunhyuk noticed that there was a very small grey patch above Kyuhyun’s head if he was upset by this.


“Perfect! That’s where I’ll go with Wookie!” Yesung’s thoughts cheered. “But how am I going to get him alone?”


“Oh, I just remembered, I have Sukira tonight with Eeteuk-hyung. Maybe some other time?” Eunhyuk suggested. The others nodded while Yesung cheered silently. They cleaned up from breakfast and Eunhyuk took a look at the schedule on the stove.


9 am – 12pm: Sungmin and Yesung @ rehearsal for musical. Kyuhyun recording song. Eunhyuk w/ Shindong & Donghae for dance rehearsal. Ryeowook to go for fittings and styling @ 9:30.


12:00 – 1:00: Lunch w/manager. Learning and debating new concepts.


1:00 – 1:30: Travelling to game show.


1:30 – 2:15: Hair and makeup for the show.


2:15 – 2:45: Fittings for microphones.


2:45 – 3:00: Break.


3:00 – 5:30: Filming for show. Heechul will join @ 4:45


Eunhyuk stared at the schedule. There was no way he was going to go on any game show while there was this freakish ability was wreaking havoc on his mind. He opened his mouth to tell someone that he felt ill but was beaten to it.


“Eunhyukkie, hurry up! You’re going to miss the van and Shindong will be mad if you’re late again!” Sungmin called from the front of the apartment. Eunhyuk cursed inwardly. Great. Now what was he going to do?




I really have no idea where this fic came from. I just thought, I wonder what would happen if one Suju member could read everyone’s mind. That would be cool. Who should it be? And Eunhyuk’s face appeared at random. So he’s cursed with it. I hope you enjoy this fic. I’m not sure how long it will be as of yet so stay tuned! I love all my readers! <3

Tags: fic: w, p: eunhae

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